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amti qrWhether you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned aircraft or sell your existing aircraft, AMTI Sales and Acquisitions I, LLC has the experience and expertise you require. We are more than just a broker, we purchase numerous aircraft for our clients and treat every acquisition as if was our own investment.


What makes AMTI Sales and Acquisitions I, LLC stand out among brokers in the industry?

  • Honesty
  • Pride in a job well done
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction during the process and after the closing
  • The most important reason: Having personally owned corporate jet and piston aircraft, we've made the decisions you are about to make.


Our extensive maintenance background ensures you get the best possible aircraft -- not just the "best looking" one. Airworthiness – like beauty -- is more than skin deep.


 Let AMTI Sales and Acquisitions I, LLC show you the difference.


We are your Citation Experts !


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